Kingdom Leadership Academy 5.0

This 4 session power packed will bring excellence into your business, ministry leadership strategies and learning ways to show grace in dealing with people who are disloyal.

His Beloved

A complete 11 Volume session fully loaded.
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Scalability audio set

Get ready for this new series on SCALING, we are taking over to greater heights. After listening to SCALABILITY, your life is going to be transformed and you will never be the same. This session  will bring excellence into your business strategies.

welcome To power school of miracles

The mission of the Power School of Miracles is to equip world changers who passionately pursue the revelation of Jesus alive today, touching them and then they touch their world! It is for those who desire miracle contact with Christ, so that they can have a miracle impact in their world.

We are seeding, training and equipping a generation of uncommon believers that will go in action to bring the miracle Christ life in power into the darkest places of the world.

At the Power School of Miracles you will find a safe place, with an atmosphere where the living presence of Jesus is manifested daily.

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About the HOST.

With a ministry spanning over thirty years, Dr. Charles Ndifon impacted over 88 nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The uplifting message that he carries has ministered love and healing to a hurting world. His insight into the realities and power of the Gospel makes the Word of God come alive to the hearers.

Known as the Apostle of Love, his ministry cuts across ethnic, political and language barriers. He is a well sought after speaker, and his renowned miracle ministry has transformed the lives of millions around the world.

He is the host of the “Adventures In Miracles” television program, author or over 52 books, a philanthropist, a pastor of pastors. With a background of engineering, computer science and business administration, he is a well-known business strategist and consultant to major businesses all over the world.

Dr.Charles Ndifon

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PURPOSE of the Power School of Miracles is to:- 1. Equip the Believers to do the works of Jesus today


2. Teach how to move in the Miraculous.


[3.] Inspire Fresh Faith to change your world [4.] Impart a Fresh Anointing for miracle ministry [5.] Stir up a Passion for soul- winning [6.] Instill a Vision to impact the nations