Pastor Dr. Donna Ndifon was born again as a small child. Her born again experience was so real that she grew up with an unshakable love for Jesus and a faith that could not be moved. However, she grew up not knowing the fullness of her redemption until while still a teenager she gave God an ultimatum. Out of frustration at leading a mediocre life, she prayed that until God showed her what more there is to this “Christian” life she would just continue with her own plans and desires. It was not long after that prayer that God answered in a big way. God answered with a miracle.

As a toddler, she was prone to severe ear infections and would sometimes put foreign objects in her ear. One day she pushed a small piece of plastic so deep into her ear that her mother had to take her to the doctor to have it removed. The doctor unknowingly caused damage to her inner ear resulting in a steady loss of hearing. Because her parents could not afford a hearing aide, she had grown accustomed to her disability and compensated by reading lips and insisting that people speak to her from the side with perfect hearing.

Upon entering college, she met Charles Ndifon. They quickly became friends and Charles began to show her Jesus alive doing the same things today that He did in the Bible. After she realized that Jesus hasn’t changed and that His will was for ALL to be saved and ALL to be healed, Charles prayed for her and instantly her hearing opened. Her hearing was checked later at a speech and hearing clinic and was found to be perfect.

She has never been the same since. Knowing that Jesus is still the same and still does miracles, she began to minister alongside Charles with miracles following. Together they co-founded this dynamic ministry Christ Love Ministries International and they have dedicated their lives to proclaiming to the world this glorious Gospel of love and power; this GOOD news for ALL people! She is the founder of Women of Destiny Ministries, the co-Pastor of International Miracle Center, Vice-President of CLMI and mother of four wonderful boys.